Why Choose an Orthodontist and What to Know Before Getting Started

If you’ve never had orthodontic treatment, there are a few things you may be curious about regarding treatment. There are often misconceptions that people have about why orthodontics is valuable and what to expect. Today, we want to discuss all the reasons why you should choose a local orthodontist office like Delplanche Orthodontics and what to expect if you start your treatment with us!

Let’s dive in on why it’s a good idea to get orthodontic treatment:

Straight Teeth Means Better Oral Health

One of the biggest misconceptions about orthodontics is that it is only useful for people who want to change their appearance. While a stunning straight smile will be one outcome of treatment, it is certainly not the only reason why orthodontics is important!

Alignment means having a straight bite and a healthy jaw. When the jaw, bite, or teeth are misaligned, this can lead to painful jaw problems, worn tooth enamel, and tooth decay or gum disease! It’s harder to clean around crooked or crowded teeth, which can lead to cavities and other problems. Teeth are more likely to wear down and be damaged or lost as you age when your teeth are not aligned. Altogether, it’s a good idea to have your teeth aligned with orthodontics as soon as possible to avoid future problems!

Orthodontic Treatment Means a Boost in Confidence

Changing your appearance to improve your self-esteem isn’t shallow. Sometimes, boosting your confidence can be a game-changer in many areas of your life! Greeting others with a healthy, straight smile is one of the best ways to present yourself to the world. This can boost confidence and relationships at work, school, and at home! 

We have seen some of our patients’ lives totally changed after improving their smiles with braces. Plus, witnessing their smile transformation is one of the most satisfying parts of our job! If you struggle with the appearance of your smile, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dr. Delplanche. He is ready to help you create the smile of your dreams!

Modern Options Means More People Get Orthodontic Treatment

Back in the day, when braces or headgear were the only ways to treat problems with alignment and bite, it meant that many people didn’t get the orthodontic help they needed. After all, inconveniencing every part of your life didn’t seem worth it for a straight smile! Well, we can safely say that there are many different orthodontic options available to our patients now that make it so much easier to fit orthodontics into your life! 

Want to explore some of the options? Set up a free consultation appointment with Dr. Delplanche soon! He can walk you through all the modern choices, like Invisalign, clear braces, braces, and more, to see if there is one that works well for your needs and lifestyle. 

Why Choose an Orthodontist and What to Know Before Getting Started

Early Treatment Means Better Treatment 

Did you know that we often recommend that children get their first consultation around the age of seven? This is because preventing orthodontic problems from happening before they begin is the easiest way to care for your smile! As children grow and their jaw bones and teeth are shifting, it’s sometimes possible to implement treatment options that will guarantee their future smile is as healthy as possible! 

Even if you are already an adult, don’t let that stop you from visiting us! Many problems can still be addressed as adults, though just through different treatments. Whether it’s on behalf of your child or your own adult smile, definitely schedule a visit with Dr. Delplanche to understand all the options.  

Latest Technology Means More Treatment Options

If all you think of when you think of orthodontics is metal braces, then we have good news for you. Things have changed a lot over the years, and there are so many different ways to achieve the smile of your dreams. Invisalign is super popular with many patients because of how convenient and discreet it is. There are also clear braces that are nearly invisible when you smile. Don’t let an outdated idea of orthodontics keep you from exploring all the different technologies that exist now!

Local Orthodontist Means a Convenient Location

Convenience is a huge priority for us since we know that it can be tough to add another thing to your busy schedule. Thankfully, Delplanche Orthodontics has two convenient locations in Beaverton and Lake Oswego to make it easy for you to stop in for your regular visits. Our office staff will work with you to schedule appointments that fit seamlessly into your schedule, so there will be limited inconvenience while you get the treatment you need!

Why Choose an Orthodontist and What to Know Before Getting Started

Let Delplanche Orthodontics Be Your Treatment Team!

Do you have more questions about what to expect before you start orthodontic treatment? Just give us a call and ask! We have experienced staff who are eager and ready to speak to you about all things orthodontics! Don’t hesitate to reach out and go ahead and schedule your free consult appointment with Dr. Delplanche while you’re at it. We hope to see you in one of our offices very soon!