Why Teens Need Orthodontics

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Teen Orthodontics

The stereotype of teenagers is that they are overly dramatic; every tiny thing can set them over the edge. What we forget is how hard being a teenager actually is. So much of what we simply see as part of life is brand-new to them and incredibly overwhelming.

Orthodontic treatment won’t cure all their problems—there is still school, friends, family, and more to worry about—but we can make life a bit easier by giving them a beautiful and confident smile.

orthodontics for teens

Treatment Options

Beaverton Invisalign

Invisalign Teen

Esthetic treatment with the convenience of removable aligners.

Lake Oswego Orthodontics

 Traditional Metal Braces

Miniature-sized braces with over 20 colors to choose from!

Beaverton Braces

Functional & Fixed Appliances

Correct certain bite problems and influence growth.

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