4 Things You Will Not Get With Mail-Order Orthodontics

It’s almost 2023, and there’s no denying that we live in a digital world. If it can be sold, it’s probably available for sale online–and that includes orthodontics. Thanks to technology, orthodontic care has been simplified over the years. With more convenient options to choose from, like Invisalign, it might seem like mail-order aligners are the right move. 

Despite the convenience, Dr. Delplanche just can’t get on board with recommending them to his patients. 

What Are Mail-Order Orthodontics?

Mail-order orthodontics are similar to regular orthodontics, minus a few big things. If you sign up for a mail-in program, they will typically mail you a kit to make your own 3D molds of your teeth. When you send the kit back, technicians will use those impressions to develop a series of aligners that will slowly shift your teeth over the course of a few months, when worn as directed.

From a distance, this sounds reasonable, maybe even ideal. But let’s take a closer look at what you’ll miss when you choose to do orthodontics this way. 

Top 4 Reasons Why Mail-Order Orthodontics Aren’t the Right Move for Your Smile

Qualified Professionals

There’s a reason that Orthodontists like Dr. Delplanche are required to work through dental school, 2-3 years of orthodontic residencies, board exams, and continued specializations to become orthodontists. It’s because that level of certification is necessary to really care for your long-term oral health. 

Orthodontics isn’t only about making your smile beautiful, it’s about setting you up for success long into the future. While mail-order orthodontics cuts costs, they also reduce the quality of your care. A prettier smile at the cost of your oral health just isn’t worth it!

In-Person Exam

Driving to an appointment almost sounds like a thing of the past. But some things just don’t change, and an in-person appointment with your specialized orthodontic care team just cannot be replaced! 

When you come to one of our offices in Lake Oswego or Beaverton, Delplanche Orthodontic’s highly trained and professional staff will be eager to welcome you. Expert technicians will take care of all the work, like making molds, taking x-rays, digitally scanning your teeth, cleaning and installing equipment, and more. Dr. Delplanche will be ready to evaluate your progress every step on the way, and discuss the best treatment options moving forward.

Customized Treatment

One size fits all is not the best idea when it comes to most things, including orthodontics. Delplanche Orthodontics has seen it all, and we know just how special each patient is and how to meet their unique needs. Don’t leave your oral health in the hands of someone you’ve never met and instead find a qualified doctor you know and trust.

4 Things You Will Not Get With Mail-Order OrthodonticsTreating Other Problems

While mail-order orthodontics might be able to move your teeth around, they certainly can’t fix what’s underneath them. X-Rays and digital imaging give Dr. Delplanche all the information he needs to know what’s going on with your gums and jaw to make the best decisions for your treatment plan. 

When you use a mail-order aligner without knowing what’s happening beneath the gums, you can be at risk of making your problems worse, or even causing injury! 

The good news is that Delplanche Orthodontics offers free consults to new patients who might still be on the fence about mail-order vs. in-person orthodontics! Make an appointment today to talk through treatment plans and flexible payment options to figure out the best fit for your family.